Sandend and Fordyce

To be strict, neither Sandend nor Fordyce, both very picturesque villages, are within the borders of Buchan, the inland border of which is marked by the River Deveron a few miles to the east, but they are close by.

Sandend stands at the western edge of a beautiful sandy bay. About a mile to the west, the ruins of Findlater Castle rise almost organically from the spit of rock upon which it was founded.

Following the cliff path westwards from the castle one comes to Sunnyside Beach, sheltered by the surrounding cliffs, a sandy beach with fascinating formations of rock, originally laid down as horizontal sediments, but metamorphosed by great heat and pressure deep within the earth, and tilted tectonically so that the plane of the sedimentation is now vertical.

A mile south of Sandend there is the fairy-tale village of Fordyce, clustered round its little castle, a jewel almost lost in the gently rolling fields that surround it.

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