My Husband's Great Grandfather

Old  Deer: A local scene

My husband's great-grandfather was born in Old Deer on 30 April 1858. His name was James Ferguson Blaikie King. HIs family(James, his 6 sisters, mother and father) left for Aberdeen by the 1871 census in order to give his sisters increased opportunity for employment. James's mother, Elizabeth, was a Keith. At about 20 years old, James was down at the Aberdeen harbor when he was approached by an Aberdeen livestock salesman that he knew from Old Deer. This livestock salesman, William Findlay, had a brother in America, George Findlay, who had contracted with William to import the 1st herd of Aberdeen Angus into the United States. William was looking for a cattle tender and asked my husband's great-grandfather if he was interested. James was and immigrated to the United States in 1878 as the cattle tender of the 1st herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle. 1 bull and 5 cows. My husband and I will be traveling to Scotland in May and plan on a one day trip to Old Deer. Looking forward to it. I am enjoying your Old Deer website very much.

Jeanne King
Sunday 5th February 2017

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