Growing up in Old Deer

Old  Deer: A local scene

I was born at 20 Abbey Street in 1937, the youngest of seven, went to Old Deer School. Our infant teacher was Miss Rennie from Mintlaw Station. She used to wear a blue long leather coat, and cycled to school. All the children in the village played together. In the winter we went sledging down the side of the Ugie Bridge and under the arches. One of the boys had a sledge you could steer, so it was great fun to sit on the back of him. One year there was a fete at Aden House; we danced round the maypole. We used to go into Aden and pick snowdrops and then we picked primroses (pinkies) when they came out. You were safe to go anywhere in those days. I remember the bad storm in 1953; I had to walk home from Maud egg-grading station, soaked to the skin and so afraid: trees were falling everywhere. Bert Ewan and his wife started ballroom classes at Crichie: that was a great success, we could then go to all the local dances.

I got married in Old Deer Church in 1956 and then moved to Beech Hill in Berkshire. Still visit Old Deer every year, my cousin Dorothy now lives in Abbey Street. Still got sisters and brother in Maud and New Byth.

Treasa Parfoot (Fraser)
Monday 12th July 2010

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