My Memories of Old Deer.

Old  Deer: A local scene

I visited Old Deer in September 1956/7, staying at a friend of my mother, Mrs Daly at 1 Abbey Street, and her children Larry, Esther and a younge girl along with their Grandad who was a bus driver.
When I arrived most of the villages were down with Asian Flu, so I did not meet many for the first week,I then met and enjoyed the company of the villages, going to the pictures at Peterhead to see Sailor Beware, and the coffee bar in Mintlaw, where the popular tune of that time was Any Williams singing You Butterfly.
I enjoyed the company of a very nice girl, Sylvia who made me very welcome as did the to the fact that I was from Wallasey on the banks of the Mersey, close to the Mersey Tunnell.
I did promise that I woulde return and it now my plan to do this next year 2011.

Bill Jones
Tuesday 26th October 2010

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