New Aberdour Police Station

Old  Deer: A local scene

I have been loaned a postcard depicting the New Aberdour Police Station which was sent on 19 Dec 1934 by Ian Soppitt (who had just moved in there) to his teacher, a Miss C. Gordon of Killarney, Kemnay. Research has revealed that Ian's father was the local policeman there for several years 1934 and an internet search found a couple of wartime reminiscences from an Eileen Soppitt (now Rushton) on a BBC website. Does anyone know if Eileen is still in New Aberdour or if any other Soppitts are still there? They may like to have a copy of this postcard for sentimental reasons. I will also forward the image of the police station for your archives.

Brian Kennedy
Friday 18th January 2013

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